Personal Goals - Bucket List


  • walk through germany from north to south (Still missing a starting and end point)
  • walk the inner german border - it must be a nature reserves (
  • walk germany from east to the west
  • hike the ore mountains ridge trail (
  • cross the alps by foot
  • Fichtelgebirge
  • Hohe Tatra
  • Hike in Norway/Sweden/Finland (currently I only want to see the country)
  • hike the Rheinsteig


  • Ride the FichCona trail
  • ride from the north sea to the baltik sea
  • ride to the atlantic ocean


  • visit Japan
  • visit Australia
  • visit New Zealand
  • visit the USA
  • visit Canada
  • visit Iceland
  • take a trip with the hurtigruten
  • Stay at least a month in Japan
  • Stay at least a month in Switzerland
  • cross the atlantic ocean on a ship
  • visit the moon - dream big they said, it will be fun they said


  • learn Japanese
  • learn Spanish
  • learn Russian
  • learn Czech


  • get at least a masters degree
  • get a university degree in physics (hard one for me - not the brightes candle on the tree)


  • learn at least one instrument


  • learn rust
  • learn haskell
  • learn rocket
  • learn better Assembly for ARM
  • learn assembly for atmel